Inaugural Women in Synthetic Biology Symposium

24 Sep 2021
September 30, 2021 | 1-4:00pm SG (GMT+8)/ 4-7:00pm Sydney (AEDT)/ 6-9:00am PST (previous day)

Inaugural Women in Synthetic Biology Symposium

Synthetic biology, the discipline that uses biology as an engineering component, holds the promise of transforming many industries and bringing game-changing applications to the society.

To fully achieve the potential of Synthetic Biology and integrate its advances in the society, we want every talented scientist to participate in and contribute to our vibrant research community.

The Asian Synthetic Biology Association (ASBA) and the Singapore Synthetic Biology Technology Consortium (SINERGY) are co-organizing the Inaugural Women in Synthetic Biology Symposium, taking place online on 30 September, 1-4 pm Singapore/China Time (2-5 pm Tokyo/Seoul Time).

The aim of the symposium is to showcase and celebrate the scientific achievements of female synthetic biologists in Asia and to give opportunities to young members of the community to present their research in a wide forum. The symposium will feature presentations from all aspects of synthetic biology.

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